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7. Creating wildlife ponds


PondPopulations of plants and animals living in freshwaters in the UK are in decline. Amphibians are especially threatened. Wildlife ponds provide a home for amphibians (such as frogs and newts) and invertebrates, including dragonflies and damselflies, and for a wide range of aquatic plants. The larval stages of many insects live in ponds and on emergence as adults provide a valuable food supply for birds.


  • Visit to see a step by step guide or buy the Pond Book from the Freshwater Habitats Trust
  • Garden ponds can be any size and shape. The bigger the better but even a small container with a 50 cm diameter will attract wildlife If youwant to create an allotmentpond follow these guidelines (Note 8):
  • Site your pond in open ground and not directly below a deciduous tree to avoid excessive accumulation of leaves in autumn
  • Make sure there is a gently sloping margin along at least part of the edge of the pond to enable hedgehogs to escape if they fall in
  • Fill with rainwater and use water from a water-butt to top up if necessary. Avoid using tap water. It contains a high concentration of phosphorus and will stimulate the growth of green algae such as blanketweed (Cladophora glomerata)
  • Introduce a few aquatic plants. Select native species from a company such as Habitat Aid and include a native oxygenator species such as hornwort (Ceratophyllumdemersum)
  • For more information and advice contact AEG (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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